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Festival Dance and Industry
Organisation Compagnie Irene K.

The Festival "Dance and Industry" was organized in a three year rhythm and every time it took place at a different industrial location. The festival is designed to be an exciting whole of art, an attempt of approach and exchange between modern dance and the industrial world of labour.
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Sur la plante des pieds


 … a choreography for two dancers comes to life.

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A journey into the work of Max Ernst
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x-mal Kleid (x-time dress)

[x-mal Kleid] is a project that consists out of a route, a walk through the city with shortcuts of solos, duos and trios and led by musicians. A new concept, created as a promenade through a city quarter, an urban space … with performances inspired from an art object, dresses, designed by artists from Switzerland, Mascha Mioni - Art to Wear and from Germany, Sabine Kreiter - stylist, Nicole Langen - designer.
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Espaces couleurs

"Espace Couleurs" goes out of the theatre space; the dance is offered to the public spaces as a touring exhibition, it accompanies the pedestrian, it surprises the spectator by its proximity.
"Espaces Couleurs" is a string of short performances (solos, duos and trios); each miniature following the next but each adapted to its specific space. The musicians guide the audience from one place of venue to the next, and the spectators get a feeling of exclusivity.
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Popville shows children how stage productions come to life and, above all, how human relationships develop throughout the process.

Popville is a poem, dedicated to the joy of living, to friendship and to the hope that it engenders, offering viewers an appealing mixture of dreamlike pictures, expressive moments and everyday stories.
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The magic garden
for children from 5 to 10

The piece is set in a fantastic garden, in which different plants of most diverse species live along with an extraordinary gardener. The gardener is the boss of the colourful activity, and he tries over and over again to organize the chaotic realm of his plants. The garden, however, does not consider the plans of its master.
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