Compagnie Irene K

Festival Dance in the City 2020

© André Bong

Once again, at the end of the summer, the city will move!
For the sixteenth time, the festival Dance in the City, organized by the Irene K Cie,
owns the environment of seven cities across Belgium & Germany.
Join us and share the passion of dancing all over the city!

All of the performances are free. Shows are open to everyone.

On the program this year: Les Vikings, Opinion Public, Nina Plantefève, Dance Work Faktory, Rima Pipoyan, Tanzcompagnie Gießen ainsi que Compagnie Irene K.

:: Dates 2020

03.09. Düren – Start 18:00, Markt

05.09. Verviers – Start 15:00, Plaine Lentz

06.09. Eupen – Start 15:00, Platz des Parlaments, Kehrweg

11.09. Herzogenrath – Start 16:00, Fer.-Schmetz-Platz 

12.09. MonschauStart 15:00, KuK, Austraße

20.09. Arnsberg - Start 15.00, Museumshof

subject to change